2009.   By the Decision of the NIS CEO, Mr. Kirill Kravchenko of November 12, 2009, lubricant business in NIS was formed. In this way, NISOTEC brand, which appeared on the Serbian market in 2008, as a result of rebranding of NOVOLIN, which had earlier been produced by the Oil Refinery Novi Sad after loss of TEXACO license due to economic sanctions, became current again.

2010. The quality expert team was formed, detailed analysis of lubricant market in Serbia and the region was performed and the brand new market-oriented strategy adopted. New sales channels were opened and new products and product lined developed. Contract was signed with GazpromNeft Lubricant regarding distribution of G-energy oil on regional market. With G-Energy brand, NIS enters the market and its premium segment.

NISOTEC products were awarded with 10 medals for quality, as well as championship cup for exquisite quality at the international fair of agriculture in Novi Sad.

In 2010, NISOTEC brand became general sponsor of Dusan Borkovic, who ended that season as the European vice-champion in mountain car racing. NISOTEC RACING TEAM was formed. 

2011.  Complete redesign of visual label identity was done, and promotional campaign carried out with the position tag line: SIMPLY BETTER. More than twenty new products were developed and approvals obtained from renowned manufacturers of engines and equipment.

Champions of quality at the Fair of Agriculture in Novi Sad, a large number of golden medals, championship cup for oil quality and championship cup for design.

Distributers’ network in the Balkan countries established – NISOTEC lubricants have been present in: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.

2012. NISOTEC became leader on the lubricants market in Serbia. Business cooperation also established with our subsidiaries, i.e. "daughter companies" in Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia, for distribution of NISOTEC and G-ENERGY lubricants. Integrated quality system QMS - ISO .001 and EMS 14001 introduced. Project “Free Zone” in Novi Sad Refinery approved – production of NISOTEC lubricants is being done in the “Free Zone”.

Sponsorship contract signed with “NISOTEC Racing Team”, i.e. with Mr. Dusan Borkovic, European Champion of mountain car racing. Mutual vision came true, and thus NISOTEC, as the champion of quality becomes leader at the domestic market and Dusan Borkovic and NISOTEC Racing Team - won the regional market. Dusan Borkovic - NISOTEC Racing Team, became European champion. 

2013.  Rebranding of NISOTEC packaging was completed. In order to fit in the three-color visual identity of NIS and convinced consumers in the quality and reliability of NISOTEC brand behind which is the most successful Serbian company, rebranding of packaging was done as well. Levels of quality differ according to packaging color, and types of oil, as per color of label details.

Product portfolio of NISOTEC lubricating grease was introduced as well. Increased number of NISOTEC lubricants to 140 products and 320 different items.

 2014. Distributors' network and new sales channels that have expanded contributed to participation of Nisotec on the market of lubricants; leading position in Serbia confirmed.  New approvals obtained from renowned manufacturers of engines and equipment. With development of new products, we increased the number of NISOTEC lubricants to 170 products and 500 different product ranges.

Occupational health and safety standard OHSAS 18001:2007 introduced, and with systemic approach to identification of hazards and risk management, it has contributed to healthier and safer working environment, to reduction of accidents and of problems in occupational health and safety in general.

2015. New packaging that has been harmonized with the EU Directive on Labeling and Packing fully implemented. In line with principles and stipulations of statutory regulations and the EU Directive which came into effect as of July 1, 2015, all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and product labels were adjusted to the new CLP (Classification, Labeling and Packaging) / GHS (Globally Harmonized System).

First product of the GAZPROM brand developed. Contract on business cooperation with the well-known Swedish company Nynas, in the sphere of naphthenic base oils and oils for rubber industry signed.

Petroleum industry of Serbia strengthened its leading position in lubricant business and achieved 24% of share on the Serbian market, thus considerably increasing its participation on the market of the Balkans region.


Today, lubricant business in NIS assumes development, production and sales of oil and technical fluids for consumers, commercial and industrial market segment. Wide portfolio of NISOTEC products, with more than 170 different products and 500 items, also includes motor vehicle oils and oils for agricultural and construction machinery, oils for industrial branches, different lubricating products and technical fluids. Quality of oil is certified by more than 30 approvals of the most renowned manufacturers of motor vehicles: Mercedes, Volkswagen, MAN, Volvo, Cummins, Mack, Renault, which have approved use of NISOTEC oils in their vehicles and equipment. In addition to this, Lubricants Department possesses the integrated quality management system which incorporates: Quality management system (ISO 9001:2008), environmental protection management system (ISO 14001:2004) and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007). Numerous exploitation tests that are being performed on motors and equipment of large consumers, done together with their experts, prove that NISOTEC oils may be used in intervals that are considerably longer than the recommended working hours or kilometers passed, which directly reduces their cost price.

NISOTEC products are placed to eight countries other than Serbia. Those are Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The products are placed in the region through 20 distributors, and in Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, via NIS’s “daughter companies” with their network of petrol stations. Compared to many competitors, NISOTEC oils have the best ratio between the price and quality, thus providing longer interval for replacement, better protection and reliable engine operation, as well as savings in fuel and longer useful life of motor, and bearing in mind that base oils and additives made by renown manufacturers from which world known brands are supplied, are also used in their production, then there is no difference between quality of their oils and NISOTEC.

Traditionally, for four years, NISOTEC has organized the annual gatherings of distributors, during which novelties in this business segment are presented, as well as main challenges which lubricant market in the region faces.